Carry on Smartly: But Is It True?

Carry on Smartly: But Is It True is a collection of stories that range from the mundane to the strangeness of human interactions.  There are twenty stories that are a work of fiction tainted with real life experiences to which the average reader can relate. Had they not been witnessed; the real-life experiences would have been considered works of fiction themselves.  Art imitating life and vice versa.

The readers will be able to relate to the emotions, the raw feelings and the passions associated with key characters. The stories are steeped in faith, despair, hope and common human foibles.  Carry on Smartly takes the reader to fictional settings within a few Caribbean countries for unforgettable stories.

This collection of essential stories explores ideas of justice, spirituality, power, ethics, and, and cuts to the very heart of what it means to live in communities with our fellow humans. The anthology is both hilarious and heartbreaking.  Fantasy and reality are intricately interwoven.

There are dogs with personalities not dissimilar to those of human beings, beautiful women with a focus on wealthy men, families that are fractured, men yearning for a connection with God, a deviant killer and a detective with super powers, an unflattering eviction, even a Boeing 737 falling to earth.  There’s a story that will appeal to you