Blog 3: We Tend To Forget The Fathers

To date, 65 million children have been born in 2022 according to The World Counts. Essentially, 65 million new fathers have been added to or remained within the stock of goodly men who have been responsible for populating the world and taking responsibility for their offspring. The Fifth Commandment, the one with promise, places an onus of responsibility on the children, that is, that of honoring their fathers. To me, that awesome commandment dictates the coexistence between children and parents in a manner clothed in respect.

Blog 2: Movies Have Been Peddling Smut for Generations

Being a member of Generation X and having a few children who are Millennials and not having a choice but to relate to Generation Z, I feel that I can comment on the entertainment sector somewhat fairly and with the minimum of offense against the named generations that span over three generations. What the year 2020 has clearly evoked in our minds is the manner in which plagues were brought upon mankind to curb their despotic, selfish and riotous living…

Blog 1: Reflections on Memorial Day

I discuss subject areas that are of concern nationally and internationally depending on the spiritual and temporal impact on my life and the lives of those who are dear to me.

Memorial Day, Armed Forces Day and Veterans Day are dates set aside for the honoring of soldiers, dead and alive.  Men and women, alike, who have paid or are paying the ultimate sacrifice in defending their country from external forces.  There is a great deal of pomp and ceremony associated with such occasions.  The gestures are noble and commendable. However, my take on the commemorative efforts is a bit bleak and may be considered less than noble but are not intended to trivialize nor are they intended to offend but to reference some gospel principles which appear forgotten or have even been ignored.  My opinion may be considered airy fairy but here goes.